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 Analysis and Forecast  
E.I. Uvarov, Deputy General Director of the Electrocable Association

Cable industry of Russia and other CIS countries in 2012


The article presents the operating results of the Electrocable Association companies in 2012. The volume of cable and wire production increased by 6,3% as compared to 2011 and surpassed the output of the pre-crisis year of 2007. The highest gain in production was observed in energy cable and wire group. However there was a reduction in the production volumes of OEM cable products and fiber optic cables.

Key words

Electrocable Association; dynamics of production output; energy cable and wire; OEM cable and wire; transport cable and wire; communication cable and wire; fiber optic cable.

  Science and Technology

A.V. Korzhov, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Associate Professor of Electric Power Plant, Grid and System Department; South-Ural State University (National Research University)  

Investigation of the alternating magnetic field influence on the rate of partial discharges in models simulating power cable insulation

Electric and magnetic field patterns of a 6 (10) kV cable under different loads were simulated with the use of ANSYS program in order to estimate the influence of the magnetic component of the cable electromagnetic field on the processes developing in the insulation, and the laminated insulation models were developed . Investigations were carried out to estimate the rate of partial discharges in laminated insulation models under the exposure to various induction magnetic fields, and corresponding dependences were established. The influence of phase shift between the variations of the electric field stress and magnetic field induction on the rate of partial discharges in the developed insulation models was evaluated.

Key words

Partial discharges, magnetic field, electric field, laminated insulation models
A.G. Koryakin, leading research assistant, JSC VNIIKP; 
Yu.T. Larin, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Telecommunication Cable, Wire and Accessories Division Director, JSC VNIIKP; 

Development of reliability test procedure for seismically stable optical cables

The basic technical requirements for seismically stable optical cables are analyzed. Parameters-criteria of cable fitness are given. The recommended list of external exposure factors to be used in forming the test cycles for seismically stable optical cables is presented. The main requirements for reliability tests are described. In the course of investigations the reliability test program and procedure were developed for cables designed for use in nuclear power plants. The test procedure is verified on optical cable constructions recommended for operation in nuclear power plants and objects with nuclear reactors as power plants. 

Key words

Seismic resistance, optic cable, test methodology, margin of safety

E.V. Bykov, Cand. Sc. (Physics and Mathematics), Technical Director ZAO “Electroneftemash”

Cable as a random process realization object. Part 2. Reliability function


The paper discusses statistical aspects of cable product reliability and the reliability function dependence on time and length.

Key words

Margin of safety, cable, aging treatment, statistics, analysis, reliability function

V.N. Egorov, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Director of the East Siberian branch of FGUP “VNIIFTRI”; 
V.V. Kostromin, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Chief Specialist of the test centre of OAO “OKB KP”; 
E.Yu. Tokareva, senior research assistant of the radio metering department of the East Siberian branch of FGUP “VNIIFTRI”;

Н01р - resonator method for measuring dielectric rod parameters


The paper discusses resonator method for measuring dielectric rod parameters 

Key words

Cylindrical resonator, dielectric rod, resistance loss, dielectric loss, fused quartz, ceramized glass


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