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   Analyses and Forecasts 

Dr I.B. Peshkov, Prof., President of Electrocable Association;
E.I. Uvarov, Deputy General Director of Electrocable Association.
Contact: elektrokabel@rosmail.ru

The cable industry under the economic crisis conditions in 2009


In Q1 2009 the cable industry of Russia and other CIS countries experienced the continuing setback in production that started in Q4 2008. The efficiency of the antirecessionary measures and the depth and the duration of the financial crisis in Russia and on the entire post-Soviet area being rather difficult to assess, the cable production output in Russia in 2009 was estimated within 52 – 58% of the preceding year level. Later based on the Q2 results this forecast was adjusted at 66 –70 % of the 2008 level.

Key words

Cable industry,  financial crisis,  economic crisis, setback in production, investment activity, cable production, amount of products, copper production, copper exporting,  Electrocable Association, Peshov I.B., communication cable, energy cable.

 Science and Technology
Dr I.B. Peshkov, Prof., President of Electrocable Association 
Contact: elektrokabel@rosmail.ru

Cables for the renewable energy

The mankind begins to realize that it is a vital necessity to develop environmentally safe renewable energy.

Key words

Renewable energy, electricity, wind energetics, exhaustion of resources, production of electricity, hydropower engineering, non-traditional sources of energy, wind-power station, control cable, solar battery, single-core copper cable, photoelectric module, power cable,  photoelectric plant, Peshkov I.B., VNIIKP, electricity cost.

A.K. Bulkhin, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Prof., Chairman of Board of Directors;
 V.F. Klyuchnikov, Cand. Sc.(Economy), General Director;
 S.A. Kizhaev, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Honoured Inventor of the RF, Chief Electronics Expert;
 ZAO “Samara Cable Company”
Contact: post-office@samaracable.ru 

Real time simulation of manufacturing processes with the use of computer programs


The authors discuss the necessity of developing programs for the simulation of manufacturing processes which have to be integrated into the automated control systems in order to be able to assess the degree of input parameters influence on the output parameters and to predict the appropriate running of the manufacturing process. The software implementation of the derived mathematical dependences is presented. The necessity of using intellectual calculators for the manufacturing process parameters is underlined .

 Key words

  Programmes, technological process, intellectual calculator, controller, systems of automatic control by  technological processes.

WTM report on tape winders 
(This article on basis of  "Intercable" Association lecture by WTM representative )

The paper covers performance increasing in wire/cable taping process using spools on concentric application.

Key words

WTM, increase of productivity, taping head, winder, lapping, roller, bobbin, width of tape, cross winding.


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