Contens 5-2019
Science and Technology

Vasiliev E.B., Cand. Sc. (Economics), Deputy General Director, OJSC VNIIKP;
Gordienko V.N., Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Chief Research Scientist, OJSC VNIIKP;
Sholudenko M.V., Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Deputy Division Manager, OJSC VNIIKP;
Contact: casi4@vniikp.ru
Khvoshchevskaya I.V., Deputy Department Manager, OJSC VNIIKP
Cable lines for the Russian railways infrastructure
The article presents the technical and performance parameters of cables used for installation along railroads; signal and blocking cable designs are described.
Statistical estimates of cable and wire consumption at the RZD (Russian Railways) facilities, of their production volumes at the Electrocable Association companies and of their application areas are presented.
Key words:
signal and blocking cables; railroad; contact system; contact wire; railway substation.
Novikov D.V., Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Division Manager OJSC VNIIKP
Development of cable and wire for the RZD railway rolling stock. Experience and future expectations
The article describes the development prospects for the RZD (Russian Railways) passenger and freight turnover, as well as the development of the RZD railway rolling stock (electric and diesel locomotives). The range of cable products for the rolling stock and the requirements specified for cable and wire are considered.
Key words:
cable and wire for the RZD rolling stock; power and control cable and wire; equipment cable and wire; cable for digital communication systems; low temperature resistance; oil and diesel oil resistance; fire safety properties.

Gecha E.Ya.
, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Chief Research Scientist, OJSC VNIIKP;
Gordienko V.N., Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Chief Research Scientist, OJSC VNIIKP;
Tarasov D.A., Optical Cable Department Manager, OJSC VNIIKP;
Ovchinnikova I.A., Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Director of Research Area – Division Manager, OJSC VNIIKP
The effect of the degree of primary protective coating polymerization on the optical fiber mechanical characteristics
It was shown that the degree of polymerization of the acrylic primary coating affects its hygroscopic property, which in its turn influences the characteristics measured after the exposure at elevated temperature and humidity.
Key words:
optical fiber; primary coating; UV-curing; stress corrosion resistance.
Boev M.A., Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Professor;
Contact: maboev@mail.ru
Ye Naing Lin, post-graduate student;
National Research University «Moscow Power Engineering Institute», FTEMK Department
Mechanical calculation of drop cables
The article deals with the FTTH (Fiber To The Home) architecture of a subscriber access network based on the PON (passive optical network) technology. The ОСЦLS-HF drop cable construction with the central polybutylene terephthalate tube filled with hydrophobic gel is presented.
The cable is designed for both outdoor installations along power transmission lines, on contact line masts and electrified railway automatic block systems, and installation inside buildings. A mechanical calculation of the ОСЦLS-HF-1А1 (0.9)-1,2 drop cable construction was performed and mechanical tests of the cable using the РРК-ЕК2 type tensile and crushing setup were carried out. In the course of testing the dependences of the signal attenuation increment in the OF on the tensile and crushing stress values were obtained.
Key words:
optical cable (OC); central optical module; optical fiber (OF); drop cable; FTTH (Fiber To The Home); PON (passive optical network); optical splitters; tensile and crushing stress; mechanical calculation».


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