Contens 2-2019
Science and Technology

Gorobets A.N., Engineer of OJSC VNIIKP;
Guk D.A., Head of the High-Voltage Test Centre of OJSC VNIIKP;
Noskov I.N.,
Technical Director of JSC «Kirskabel»;
Ovsienko V.L., Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Deputy Division Director –
Head of Laboratory of OJSC VNIIKP;
Khor’kov A.V., Technical Director of «TD «UNKOMTEX» Ltd.;
Shuvalov M.Yu., Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Division Director of OJSC VNIIKP
Development, start of production and testing of domestically produced cable rated for the maximum voltage of 550 kV

The 500 (550) kV power cable construction is presented. The cable was manufactured by JSC «Kirscable» and successfully passed type and prequalification test according to IEC 62067 for the 1st time in Russia. The fundamentals of EHV cable design theory are briefly described, which take into consideration the dimensions of microscopic technological defects controlled by cable manufacturing technology and the value of the threshold voltage stress which is a fundamental property of insulating material. Some technological refinements are mentioned which were necessary for successful production of the cable. The product quality was also confirmed by some research test, carried out by ОJSC VNIIKP.
The thermal state of the cable sample during prequalification test was controlled by equipment and software intentionally developed by one of the anthors.
Key words
Extra high voltage cable; cross-linked polyethylene; threshold voltage stress; type test; prequalification test.
Vasiliev B.E., Deputy General Director, CJSC «Thermoprovod»; 
Pivnenko V.T., Adviser; CJSC «Thermoprovod»;
Degree of impact of the test voltage frequency on the polyimide-fluoroplastic film insulation

The authors analyze the results of voltage testing of winding wires with film insulation. The effect of frequency and test voltage value on the time from the beginning of the test to the moment of the insulation breakdown is shown. The wire withstands the applied 10 kV test voltage of 50 Hz frequency and breaks down at the same voltage and frequency of 2333 Hz typically used in spark testing или typical of testing with audio frequency dry test apparatus. Recommendations for specification norm corrections are given.
Key words
Audio frequency dry test apparatus; PPI-U wire; spark testing; winding wires; high-voltage test.


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