Contens №2-2018

Analysis and forecast

G.I. Meshchanov, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), President of Electrocable Association
Global and the CIS cable industry in 2017

Information about the state of the global cable industry in 2017 is given. It is noted that the rate of increase in output of most cable groups reached 3–4 %. The basic performance results of the Electrocable Association companies in 2017 are shown. It is pointed out that the output of cable products in 2018 increased by 7.1 % as compared to the same period of the previous year. Information about copper and aluminum consumption and their price behavior is presented. Data on the production of the main cable groups are given. Forecast for 2018 is made.
Key words
global cable industry; dynamics of cable and wire production volumes; energy wire and cable production; OEM wire and cable production; telecommunication wire and cable production; transport wire and cable production.

Science and technology

V.L. Ovsienko, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Deputy Division Manager – Head of Laboratory OJSC VNIIKP;
I.B. Peshkov, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Professor, Chief Research Scientist OJSC VNIIKP;
M.Yu. Shuvalov, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Director of Research Area, Division Manager OJSC VNIIKP
Prediction of residual life of oil-filled cable lines based on mathematical modeling of the ageing process of their electric insulation

Thermal ageing is the main process which determines the life time of oil-filled (OF) cables. It is accompanied by the growth of dielectric loss tangent tgδ, which is highly sensitive to the physical and chemical state of the OF cable insulation and creates a positive feedback in the course of ageing. Mathematical model is presented which describes the ageing process in terms of tgδ growth and takes into consideration tgδ vs. temperature dependency. The data are given necessary for the cable life time evaluation using the abovementioned model, together with the results of the remaining life forecast for the particular 220 kV OF cable system containing 5 circuits being in operation for 17-19 years.
Key words
oil-filled cable; thermal ageing; power factor; lifetime evaluation.

V.N. Egorov, Dr. Sc. (Physics and Mathematics), Leading Research Scientist of VSF FGUP «VNIIFTRI»;
Ya.O. Zuev, Leading Engineer of JSC «OKB KP»;
V.V. Kostromin, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Chief Specialist of JSC «OKB KP»;
V.L. Masalov, Research Scientist of VSF FGUP «VNIIFTRI»;
B.S. Romanov, Cand. Sc. (Physics and Mathematics), Head of Laboratory of JSC «OKB KP»;
E.Yu. Tokareva, Senior Research Scientist of VSF FGUP «VNIIFTRI»
Measurement of the dielectric characteristics of insulation in the production of radio-frequency cables

The authors present a review of the investigations that have been carried out in the Special Design Office of the Cable Industry (OKB KP) since the late 50-s with the aim to study the dielectric characteristics of cable insulation materials and their exposure to various factors. The instrumentation and metrological support of these investigations is also described.
Key words
dielectric constant; dielectric loss tangent; insulation materials; resonators; measurement cells; frequency dependences; radiation; temperature.


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