Contens №2-2017

Analyses and Forecasts

G.I. Meshchanov, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), President of Electrocable Association
2016 performance results of the cable industry of Russia and other CIS countries and forecast for 2017

The main results of the Electrocable Association companies’ activities in 2016 are presented. The results are shown in association with the national economic performance. It is noted that for the first time during the last 3 years the overall cable and wire production has increased compared with a year earlier. The output of the following cable and wire types has increased: power cables for 1 kV and above, winding wires, cables for nonfixed installation, automotive wires, rolling stock wires and cables, communication cables. However a decline in both import and export volumes of some cable types is observed. Further growth of cable and wire production output is forecasted for 2017.
Key words
index of industrial production; dynamics of cable and wire production volumes; energy wire and cable production; OEM wire and cable production; telecommunication wire and cable production; transport wire and cable production.
Science and Technology

A.V. Lobanov, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), General Director OOO NPP "Spetskabel”; 
N.E. Molchanov, post-graduate of NIU MEI, testing engineer;
Study of hydrostatic radial pressure dependence of ship balanced cable transmission parameters

The results of studies of transmission parameters (insertion loss and impedance) of two types of sealed high-frequency symmetrical cables under the influence of radial hydrostatic water pressure up to 15.2 MPa (150 kgf / cm2) are presented. Shipboard cables structures under extreme hydrostatic loads are assessed.
Key words
ship balanced cable; hydrostatic radial pressure; impedance; insertion loss.
Сable world news

Harry Prunk, Executive Board of SIKORA AG
Inspection and analysis of XLPE and HPTE material at medium and high-voltage cable production

This paper introduces an online inspection and sorting system that detects contamination inside and on the pellets such as metallic or organic contamination, color variations, agglomerates, cross-contamination and foreign pellets. The system presented includes the unique combination of X-ray technology and an optical camera technology for highest detection probability for all sort of contamination. Furthermore, the paper briefly refers to an innovative offline system, which inspects and analyzes small batches of pellets. 
Key words
cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE); high performance thermoplastic elastomer (HPTE); degassing; catenary continuous vulcanization or vertical continuous vulcanization line; different X-ray attenuation in different materials; typical contaminations; online and offline XLPE and HTPE quality control systems. 


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