Contens №1-2017


Analyses and Forecasts

T.S. Martynenko, Division Manager, JSC VNIIKP; 
G.I. Meshchanov, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), General Director JSC VNIIKP
Economic benefits of standardization when entering the international markets. Assessment of the basic cable groups conformity to the international standards of engineering and technology

This is the second part of the paper published in «Cables and Wires», № 5-2016, and it is dedicated to the assessment of the technical level and export potential of the basic types of cable products manufactured by the Electrocable Association companies. High technical level and options for expanding export deliveries are characteristic of low and medium voltage power cables, special cables for nuclear power plants, several types of information and telecommunication cables, winding and installation wires, cables and wires for the JSC Russian Railways. The benefits of standardization for the cable companies are stated.
Key words
standardization; export potential; conformity to international requirements; international standards; IEC R standards; national standards.
Science and Technology

S.S. Vetlugaev, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Research Engineer, JSC VNIIKP; 
A.A. Kryuchkov, Cand. Sc. (Chemistry), Leading Research Scientist, JSC VNIIKP;
L.E. Makarov, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Head of Laboratory, JSC VNIIKP;
Yu.V. Obraztsov, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Chief Research Scientist, JSC VNIIKP;
P.V. Fursov, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Leading Research Scientist, JSC VNIIKP;
M.Yu. Shuvalov, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Director of Research Area – Division Manager, JSC VNIIKP;
Complex approach to the analysis of failures of high-voltage power cable terminations and joints

The failures of more than 50 pieces of HV cable terminations and joints are analyzed and discussed using the results of the examination of the failed accessories elements carried out in the JSC VNIIKP laboratories. Sequential disassembling of cable accessories with photographic evidence was carried out in the JSC VNIIKP laboratory. The physical and mechanical properties of the elastomer elements ofthe joints and terminations were determined. The electric field was calculated for various designs of high voltage cable accessories. The insulating materials of the joints and terminations were investigated using the infrared spectrometry and thermal analysis methods. The investigation results are presented according to the following three causes of failures: personnel errors during the accessories mounting; inadequate designs of the terminations and joints leading to the restricted service life of the accessories and incompetent decisions on the choice and installation of the accessories for the particular operating conditions.
Key words
cable line; terminations and joints; elastomer elements; assembling; stress relief cone; insulation breakdown.
V.N. Korshunov, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Professor of the Multichannel Telecommunication Systems Department of Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics 
Contact: mes@mtuci.ru 
Increase of optical cable data transmission rate
Methods and techniques enabling the increase of optical cable data transmission rates are analyzed and estimated. The baud rate parameter is used. Analytic expressions for the rate calculation with examples are given.
Key words
optical cables; optical fibers; data transmission rate; multiplexing; baud rate.
A.V. Grin’, Principal Design Engineer, OOO “Estraslin PS”;
A.S. Mneka, Technical Director, OOO “Estraslin PS”;
A.V. Studennikov, Head of Project Technical Support Department, OOO "Estraslin PS”;
A.A. Filippov, Engineer of Project Technical Support Department, OOO “Estraslin PS”
Earth continuity conductor for 100-500 kV power cables with single-sided screen grounding
The induced voltage on the power cable screens with single-sided grounding may exceed the admissible values, especially in case of external single-phase fault. With the use of an earth continuity conductor (ЕСС) the induced voltage value may be reduced to ensure the safe operation of the cable line. 
Key words
single-sided grounding; induced voltage reduction; earth continuity conductor (ЕСС).


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