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G.I. Meshchanov, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), President of Electrocable Association
I.B. Peshkov, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Professor, Honorary President of Electrocable Association
Electrocable Association: 25 years of stabilization and development in the market economy environment
Key words
Electrocable Association, VNIIKP JSC, electrical industry, cable industry, telecommunication cables

Science and Technologies

A.V. Nikolaev, General Director of AO “Optical Fiber Systems”
Optical fiber of home manufacture. Progress to date and future prospects
Detailed analysis of the AO “Optical Fiber Systems” activities at the initial stage of production is presented; the company achievements with regard to the course towards import substitution are described; the test results and product compliance with the international standards are demonstrated; the prospects for the optical fiber production development are outlined; the importance of cooperation between the manufacturers and the research and university scientists is emphasized.
Key words
optical fiber, optical fiber of home manufacture, optical fiber certification, optical fiber tests, optical fiber production.
A.V. Lobanov., General Director of JSC NPP “Spetskabel”
Special cables for fire safety systems
The paper deals with the issues regarding the development of special cables for fire safety systems in view of the increased requirements for the technology of high-speed and safe communication under the conditions of cable network exposed to fire. The development of the target-focused technology of security and fire alarm system management and its further decentralization provided means for the development of several series of high-tech cables having the necessary characteristics to ensure reliable high-speed communication both under normal mode and fire risk conditions. The author describes the designs and characteristics of modern fire resistant and non-fire proof cables for fire alarm systems and high-speed interfaces of evacuation management and fire fighting systems. Comparative characteristics of the maximum range of the desired quality information transmission are given.
Key words
Security and fire alarm, data transmission, fire resistance, interface cable, fire-resistant cable link, technical specifications..
D.V. Bleklov, post-graduate of “NIU MEI”
S.S. Vetlugaev, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Research Engineer, JSC VNIIKP
Assessment of the impact of silicone rubber deformation on the electric field distribution in high-voltage terminations and joints
The procedure for the assessment of the impact of silicone rubber deformation on the electric stress distribution in terminations and joints was developed. It is shown that the deformation of such does not result in inadmissible change of the electric field stress when the 220 kV 1600-2500 mm2 power cable is terminated and jointed using commonly applied in practice methods.
Key words
Joint, termination, slide-on cable accessories, high-voltage cable terminations and joints, contact pressure, electric field distribution, computational domain, stress-relief electrode.
A.S. Zhutyaev, Manager for Russia and other CIS countries, Borealis AG
Development of polyolefin technology for cable production. Global trends and new materials
The article contains general information on main steps of XLPE tgechnology development for cable insulation; main techniques of chemical cross-linking are described as well as major applications and future development trends for XLPE.
Key words
Power industry, renewable energy sources, peroxide vulcanization (or peroxide cross-linking), silane cross-linking, crosslinked polyethylene.


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