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Analysis and Forecast  

G.I. Meshchanov, President of the Electrocable Association; 
E.I. Uvarov, Analyst-Adviser to General Director of the Electrocable Association 
2015 performance results of the Electrocable Association companies 

Contact: elektrokabel@rosmail.ru  


The paper is based on the materials of the General meeting of the Electrocable Association members held on 29 February – 1 March, 2016. The meeting was devoted to the state of cable production at the Association plants in the light of the current economic situation in the CIS countries. Predictive assessment of the potential dynamics of cable and wire production in the Russian Federation for 2016 is made. 

Key words

Monitoring of cable production; application fields of cable products; dynamics of production volumes; factors influencing production volumes; predictive assessment. 

Cesare Biggiogera, General Director of OOO “Prysmian RUS”
Global cable and wire market decline in 2011–2015 

Contact: info.ru@prysmiangroup.com


The paper is based on the report made at the Electrocable Association seminar which was held in Innsbruck (Austria) in February 2016. The author provides an insight into the global cable and wire market: production and sales rates in 2011–2015 and dynamics forecast for 2015–2017. The analysis and the forecast are broken down by market segments and producer countries. 

Key words

Cable and wire market, Russian cable product market, global cable market analysis, cable market size, cable market, energy and telecommunication sector, Prysmian RUS, Rybinskelectrocable.

Science and Technology

E.Ya. Gecha, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Chief Research Scientist; 
Yu.T. Larin, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Professor, Chief Research Scientist; 
I.A. Ovchinnikova, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Division Manager; 

Yu.V. Smirnov, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Deputy General Director of OOO “KabelElectroSvyaz”

Results of open flame tests on prototypes of home-produced special purpose optical cables 

Contact: irovchinnikova@rambler.ru


The paper presents some test results of optical cable performance under flame application. Specifically, the experiments which were carried out using a multimode Raman reflectometer to determine the temperature directly affecting the optical fiber in the process of burning are described. The obtained data give a clear presentation of the optical cable state under exposure to fire – data on the insertion attenuation and an approximate estimate of the temperature values inside the cables. The performed investigations resulted in the development of fire-performance optical cables, including those designed for application in NPP systems of 2 and 3 class safety. 

Key words

Optical cables, fire resistance, performance, flame, fire performance, attenuation, tests, temperature.

V.S. Vysotsky, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Division Manager; 
Yu.P. Ipatov, Cand. Sc. (Chemistry), Head of Sector; 
D.S. Kaverin, Engineer; 
K.S. Marinin, Head of Sector; 
L.V. Potanina, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Leading Researcher; 
G.G. Svalov, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Chief Research Scientist; 
V.I. Tronza, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Project Manager; 
I.F. Chensky, Head of Sector; 
K.A. Shutov, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Head of Laboratory; 

D.E. Kravtsov, Chief Specialist on Quality; 
S.A. Lelekhov, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Project Manager; 
Private Institution GK Rosatom “Design Centre ITER”
Results of industrial production of superconducting cables and conductors for the ITER project in Russia 



Since 1993 JSC VNIIKP has been taking part in the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor project (ITER), first in the engineering design stage, and then after the delivery contracts were signed in 2008–2009 – in the production of cables and conductors for the ITER superconducting magnet system. Besides Russia, a number of other countries participate in the superconductor supplies for the ITER project, including PRC, South Korea, European Community, Japan and the USA. To ensure a stable operation of the magnet system the conductors produced in different countries have to meet the uniform requirements. Therefore, the assurance of sustained performance of the conductors supplied by each manufacturer is of crucial importance. The paper presents the key results of the industrial production of cables and conductors for the ITER magnet system in JSC VNIIKP. 

Key words

ITER, superconducting cable, sheathed cable, superconducting wire.


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