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Analysis and Forecast  

M.V. Tretyakov, General Director of OOO “Elkat”

Contact: mvt@elkat.ru

Elimination of export customs duties for copper cathodes and its effect on the Russian rod and wire market


 Nullification of export customs duties for copper cathodes in 2014 resulted in certain changes in the home copper cathode and rod market. The technological consequences of the nullification include a decline in rod production volumes, an increase of copper scrap and waste rate during its production, an increase of КМор rod share in the total production volume and thereby general loss of quality. The economic consequences may include changes in sales operations profitability, rapid development of copper waste recycling schemes, changes in rod and copper price formation conditions.

Key words

Copper cathodes, copper rod, production volume, capacity utilization, copper scrap and waste, recycling scheme

Production Quality Control

V.V. Kashkin, Chairman of the Central Executive Committee of the Russian Consumers Association

Contact: onp@inbox.ru

Light at the end of the tunnel

 Faulty and counterfeit cable products penetrating the market became an alarming sign of our time. Joint efforts of all market participants are required to fight against this phenomenon. The mechanism of social and political influence on regulatory and supervisory authorities, branches of government and cable market participants demonstrates high efficiency from the very first steps of its employment.

Key words

Society, cable industry, authority, quality control, fight against faulty and counterfeit products.

B.S. Romanov, Cand. Sc. (Physics and Mathematics), Head of Laboratory; 
V.V. Kostromin, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Leading Specialist AO “OKB KP”

Contact: boris.romanov@okbkp.ru

Influence of beta irradiation on dielectric properties of X-ETFE compound and its analogues


 The dependences of relative electric permittivity (ε) and dielectric loss tangent (tgδ), as well as volume resistivity (ρv) were investigated on specimens of Х-ЕТFE fluoroplastic compound and domestic Ф-40 КС и Ф-40 КС+ИО compounds at frequencies 100 kHz within the radiation exposure range from 10^2 to 3 × 10^6 Gy.

Key words

Fuoroplastic, dielectric permittivity, dielectric loss, volume resistivity, irradiation.

A.I. Egorov, Cand. Sc. (Engineering), Associate Professor of Radiophysics and Electronics Department of Skorina Gomel State University

Contact: elorma@mail.ru 

Specific adhesive properties of poliimide-fluoroplastic films


 The results of adhesive strength measurements of welded joins of poliimide-fluoroplastic films are presented. The measurements were performed according to different procedures. The mechanism of influence of the specimen preparation method on the obtained results is discussed. A conclusion is made about the necessity of testing in accordance with the standard method.

Key words

Poliimide-fluoroplastic film, insulation, quality, adhesion.

Paola Accati, NIRWiM Project Manager, OOO “Tay Industries”; 
Filippo Veglia, Chief Engineer, OOO “Tay Industries”; 

Contact: info@tauindustries.com  

A new method of infrared spectroscopy analysis of the degree of polymerization of wire insulation 


 The paper presents a new method of analysis of the degree of polymerization of enameled wire insulation with the help of infrared spectroscopy. The described method may be used for on-line quality control of wire insulation and may be integrated into the production line. The system operation principle is described and the main advantages of the spectral analysis application in comparison with similar systems using dielectric loss tangent are outlined. 

Key words: 

Spectroscopy, algorithm, polymerization, quality control, IR spectroscopy, near infrared region, degree of polymerization, spectral analysis, dielectric loss tangent, geometrical algorithm, enameled wire.

E.V. Zenova, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Head of Laboratory of Micro- and Nanosystem Research and Development Department of the Institute of Nanotechnologies of Microelectronics, Russian Academy of Sciences; 
V.A. Chernyshov, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Professor of Theoretical Basics of Electrotechnology Department of the National Research University MEI (Smolensk) 

Contact: elena_zenova@mail.ru

State estimation of high-voltage power equipment insulation system 


Presentation of the results of insulating systems of parameters state estimation in the form of specific values is a problem and its solution will provide a means for improving the efficiency of high-voltage equipment maintenance. The essence of the technological process of the status evaluation was defined by the variety of potential ageing mechanisms, uncertainty of influencing factors, presentation of the transformer life cycle in the form of successive stages (phases), each of them being characterized by its own ageing mechanism and type of defect developing in the insulation gap. 

Key words: 

Insulation gap, power transformer, state estimation, electrical and physical parameters, integrated state factor, ageing mechanism, defect type, structure-logic scheme of estimation.


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