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Chief Editor

Evgeny Borisovich Vasiliyev was born on February 27, 1952, in the city of Podolsk, Moscow Region. In 1977, he graduated from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, the same year he began working at the All-Russian Scientific Research and Development Institute for Cable Industry. This employment record in his work book has remained unchanged for 45 years. Today Evgeny Borisovich holds the position of Deputy General Director and is a member of the VNIIKP Board of Directors.

Being constantly in leadership positions, Evgeny Borisovich was and still is actively engaged in the introduction of new equipment and technology at the cable plants of the industry.

With his direct participation in the 80's, a series of heat-resistant enameled wires with temperature index 155-200 ̊C was developed, which ensured the production of highly reliable, meeting international requirements, highly economical electrical products, such as electrical machines, apparatuses, transformers, choke coils, etc. These products have found wide application in the electrical engineering, aviation, instrumentation industries.

From 1981 to 1986, Evgeny Borisovich was a member of the international Soviet-Hungarian design bureau for the development of enamel units. As a result of this work, more than 500 modern lines for production of enameled wires were supplied.

In 1991-1998, a series of heat-shrinkable products was developed under the leadership of E.B. Vasiliyev. In those years he headed another enterprise - JV "Memoterm-M" (now – JSCcl. "Memoterm-MM"), where capacities were created to provide heat-shrinkable products for the power engineering, cable and nuclear industries. New types of machines for the production of these products were designed, which were protected by copyright certificates. The use of heat-shrinkable products in installation of cable lines made it possible to provide a longer service life of lines, to significantly accelerate the installation time, to reduce the waste of cable products and to increase their fire safety.

In 2004-2009, with the direct participation of E.B. Vasiliyev a large-scale work on the development of fire-resistant flame-retardant cables and wires was carried out. As a result of the work performed, nuclear power plants, the subway, railway transport, mass gathering objects (residential and office buildings, airports, railway stations, stadiums, etc.) got highly reliable fire-proof cables and wires. For this work in 2010, Evgeny Borisovich became a laureate of the Russian Federation Government Award in Science and Technology.

In 2003, Evgeny Borisovich put a lot of effort into saving the Electrovod plant, which had been exposed to raidership, and relocating it from Moscow to Ivanteevka, where it rented its workshops. The oldest enterprise in the cable industry, which traces its history back to 1785, was preserved, and the plant continued its work. In the difficult crisis year of 2011 the Trade House of VNIIKP, headed by Evgeny Borisovich, bought land and built a new plant building in Podolsk, where the "Electrovod" plant is successfully operating to this day. In 2021, the second stage of the plant was opened. Evgeny Borisovich is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSCcl. “Electrovod”.

In the 2000’s, E.B. Vasiliyev directly supervised research and development work on the fulfillment of government contracts. In the course of this work, optical, combined and installation wires and cables for the navy, aviation and space were created, which were designed for modern models of military equipment and provided import substitution.

At the same time, under his leadership and with his direct participation, domestic polymeric materials were created to replace imported ones, such as polyacrylate coatings, bimodal polyethylene compositions, halogen-free polyolefins, polycarbonates and polysulfones.

In 2015, Evgeny Borisovich initiated the creation of a series of fire-resistant, fire-proof optical cables for the nuclear power industry, which are supplied to Russian nuclear power units and abroad.

Having a PhD in Economics, Evgeny Borisovich Vasiliyev is a full member of the Russian Academy of Electrotechnical Sciences, has more than 35 patents for inventions and copyright certificates. He has also written and published more than 55 scientific works, 6 books and monographs. Evgeny Borisovich has a number of awards, including the medal of the Order "For Merit to the Fatherland", medals "For Valorous Labor", "For 850th Anniversary of Moscow", "Inventor of the USSR", "300 years of the Russian Navy", gold and silver medals of All-Russian Exhibition of Economic Achievements, badge of honor "Honored Machine Builder of Russia", Certificate of Honor of the Ministry of Electrical Engineering Industry and many others.