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The Publishing Company Ltd. “Cables and Wires Magazine” was established in 2005 and is the legal successor of the company Ltd. “Wires and Cables” which had been publishing the magazine since 1999. The main mission is to link science and production. Throughout its history, the Publishing Company has been closely cooperating with the All-Russian Scientific Research and Development Cable Institute, cable plants and the Electrocable Association. The Publishing Company issues the scientific, technical and economic journal “Cables and Wires”, which presents scientific articles on current essential problems of cable technology, news from Russian and foreign manufacturers of cable and wire, equipment and materials for their production, as well as analytical and review materials about the state and trends in the cable production development. In 2006 a Russian-English and English-Russian dictionary of cable technology terminology was issued under the editorship of I.B. Peshkov, Professor, Dr. Sc. in Engineering, an outstanding expert in the field of cable technology. The Publishing Company participated in the publication of the books “Cable and wire. Fundamentals of cable technology” (2009), “Technology of cable and wire production with the use of plastics and rubbers” (2011), “Materials of cable production” (2013).

Editorial and publishing group:

A.Yu. Gultseva

General Director

T.V. Voldaeva

Chief Accountant

I.V. Ivanova

Executive Editor Manager

A.E. Timofeeva


P.O. Ganeles


Founders of the OOO “Cables and Wires Magazine”:

>NP Electrocable Association (Moscow)
OJSC “Amurkabel” (Khabarovsk)
  OJSC “Zavod “Microprovod” (Podolsk)
  Ltd. “United Cable Company” (Perm’)
Ltd. “Optikenergo” (Saransk)
JSC “NP “Podolskkabel” (Podolsk)
  JSC “Samara Cable Company” (Samara)
JSC “Zavod “Energokabel” (Electrougli)
JSC “Sibkabel” (Tomsk)
JSCcl. “Trade House VNIIKP” (Moscow)
JSC “Electrokabel” Kolchuginsky plant” (Kolchugino)
  JSC “Zavod “Chuvashkabel” (Cheboksary)